Electronic two-component systems

L&S metering system - the key to perfection

The L&S metering system is an extremely economic and efficient system, which is not only easy to operate but also offers maximum metering accuracy – key factors in guaranteeing safety and reducing costs.

Our 2-component metering system can easily be expanded into a 3-component metering system for processing water and solvent lacquers!

Technical data:

Mixing ratio:

Can be set to any level between 0.5 and 50:1 by simply entering the required ratio on the touch panel.

Protection against unauthorised modification thanks to several password levels which can be allocated to specific access areas such as operation, set-up and service.


99 pre-settable programs that include different data can be stored and called up via the program number.

Flushing programs:

5 flushing programs are available and can be programmed according to volume or time. One of these programs can be allocated per colour program. Each flush program can control up to 5 flush valves in any given order.
The chosen volume must have flown in order for the system to continue working. This guarantees a high degree of process safety and avoids unnecessary loss of flushing agents.

Pressure range:

0.4 - 400 bar, selectable according to given application

Measurement accuracy:

+/- 0,5 %

Output volume:

10 - 5000 ccm / min, selectable according to given application

Usable viscosities:

10 - 180 s/DIN 4 (standard version)

Lacquer and thinner valve:

Pneumatically operated upstroke valve for colour change. Thanks to the system's modular design, additional colours can be easily added. 90 colour values or hardener valves can be operated by the control system. By choosing the desired program number, the correct hardener and colour valve will be opened automatically.

Hardener valve:

This packingless valve is a direct-trigger straight-way valve. No hardening crystallization can occur at this valve.

This system also features an integrated monitoring unit with automatic system shut-down which is activated in the event of an erroneous mixing ratio or if the usable life is exceeded. This monitoring system also includes a pre-warning function which is activated before the usable life runs out, causing new material to be injected into the hose to prevent flushing being carried out unnecessarily.

All material-carrying parts are made of stainless steel.

The metering system comes complete with the following components:

1 Electronic control

1 Printer

1 Mixing block unit

1 Safety system