Mechanical two-component systems

Hydra-Cat Mixing Unit
with variable mixing proportions

The Hydra-Cat pumps and mixes numerous different multi-component materials as required, whereby the environment-polluting waste material and the necessary cleaning work that occurs in hand mixing is almost entirely eliminated.


Illustration A

Typical Hydra-Cat unit, set to minimum mixing proportions. The air motor is directly connected to the primary material pump so that each complete stroke of the air motor also generates a complete stroke of the material pump. The air motor is also connected to the secondary material pump via a lever arm that is mounted in bearings at the fulcrum like a rocker. In Min-Set position, the stroke of the primary material pump (1) is the same as the stroke of the secondary material pump (2)

Illustration B

The same unit, set to maximum mixing proportions. The secondary material pump has been shifted closer to the fulcrum. In the Max-Set position, the air motor and the primary material pump still perform a complete stroke (1), but the secondary material pump now performs a shorter stroke (3) which is less than 25% of the length of the original stroke. By shifting the secondary material pump towards or away from the fulcrum, any mixing proportions can be obtained within the basic range.