Filter systems with ideas

Filters for air conditioning systems, filters for painting/surface coating facilities

Filter cells and Z-line filters

type G2 - F5

Filter packs

(cartridge fine filters)
type G4 und F5

Pocket filters

of synthetics
G2 - F8/9 (EU2 - EU 8/9) or glass fibre material F5 - F8/9 (EU5 - EU8/9), metal or plastic

Ceiling fine filters

F5 (EU5)

Filter mats

for coarse and fine dust
G2 - G4 (EU2 - EU4)

Paint fog filter mats

of glass fibre, for cutting to size

Andreae paint fog filter mats

of cardboard for cutting to size, accordion-type

Air extraction filter mats

CI high-capacity filter material on rolls
standard dimensions: 1.06 x 10.00 metres

Structure of paper filter

Structure of paper filter
with fleece

Filter insert
in air extraction wall

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