Heavy-duty airless spray units

for anti-corrosion applications

Xtreme Bulldog 33:1

For materials of low to high viscosity, e.g. corrosion proofing, structural protection and epoxy paints as used in major civil engineering projects and bridges.

Technical data:

Xtreme King 68:1

For materials with high solid content, mastics and protective coatings.
Ideal for civil engineering, shipbuilding and bridge coatings, or wherever high pressures, large nozzles and long hoses are required.

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Xtreme Zinc Spray Units

For spraying zinc-rich abrasive coatings on solvent basis with high pressures.
A special circulation system ensures that the particles are kept constantly suspended while this problematic material is continuously pumped.

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Air-Assisted Xtreme Spray Units

Air-assisted Xtreme airless units are ideal for many different painting and coating applications involving high flow rates and requiring a relatively smooth finish, e.g. for rail vehicles, metal goods, and agricultural and building machinery.

Technical data:

Airless Pump Premier 74:1

For difficult-to-atomise materials with high solid content, mastics, epoxies, bitumen and materials with low solvent content, including corrosion proofing, structural protection and epoxy paints, for shipyards, bridges and large steel structural projects.

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