Air-assisted PRO Xs4 smart or basic

The lightweight, compact design of the PRO Xs4 AA model reduces operator fatigue and ensures excellent paint application results.

Technical data:

PRO Auto Xs

The PRO Auto Xs guns allow not only high material savings, but also have the benefit of simple, modular installation.

Technical data:

KMX3 Flat Spray / KMC3 Round Spray Gun

Adjustable voltage with integrated safety cut-off.
Ergonomic design, STD 9 control unit with displays and control buttons, excellent finish

Technical data:

KAX Electrostatic Automatic Gun

Optimum grip
Continuous release gun
Excellent finish quality

Technical data:

Control Unit STD 9

The compact STD 9 control unit transforms alternating current into direct current with a voltage that can be adjusted between 3 V and 12 V. It has an integrated electronic system to ensure reliable operation within the gun. A flow switch installed in the switchbox ensures that the gun is only supplied with current when the operator pulls the trigger and so releases the atomiser air. The control unit is classified as IP 54 under the regulations currently in force.