Conventional guns—Air atomiser guns

"M 21 Gun"

“Delta Spray® XT Pistol“

GRACO is proud to present its all new Delta Spray® XT pistol.

The front-end of the Delta Spray® XT Pistol has been completely re-designed to vastly improve finishing quality. The consistency of the spraying pattern and the dispersing ratio have been taken to a new level.

The new Delta Spray® XT VOC-compliant pistol has similar conveyance properties as the HVLP but a higher throughput.

Furthermore, GRACO now offers sets of flow and vacuum cups with the 3M™ PPS™-system (paint preparation system) that cuts the amount of necessary solvent by 70% and the cleaning time for the pistol by 80%. Discover GRACO's new Delta Spray® XT pistols now!

Automatic air atomiser spray guns

Automatic Delta Spray

Spray gun für air spraying- and HVLP-application

technical data:

A 25 Spray Gun

Modular gun
Made of stainless steel as standard
With air atomiser shut-off

Spraygun A25 VLP - lowest pressure - stainless steel

Modul-gun with extraordinary finish-qualityt by lowest pressure atomising

Spray Gun A25 LP - stainless steel

Modul-gun with low pressure atomising

Spray Gun A 25 - stainless steel

Modul-gun with high-end atomising

Gun A28 - stainless steel

automatic-gun with membrane - technology

Spray Gun A 19

For fast changing power up and power down when spraying.