Water electrostatic

Special equipment for working with water-based paints

When using water-based paints, the pump and paint container must be installed separately in an "insulating bubble". This very compact housing can be located adjacent to the spraying cabin. As it is equipped with a broad sliding door, the painter can make paint changes or pressure adjustments quickly and easily.

A built-in safety system ensures that when the trigger is let go and the sliding door is opened, the power supply to the gun is stopped and also the pump and container are earthed.

In addition to the above equipment, the complete system also includes a suitable pump, your K3 gun with material hose (for resistance 0-5 M W ) and a 10 m atomiser air hose.


A simple and reliable system for the electrostatic application of waterborne coatings

The appliance is an isolated piece of equipment for the electrostatic spraying of waterborne materials and rounds off the new GRACO PRO Xs ESTA pistol generation. A complete package can be offered at last with the PRO Xs WB water-based pistol. In the context of solvent reduction it is easy to adapt traditional ESTA solvent-based applications to waterborne coatings with the WB 100™.

The robustly built box together with the resistant combination of TRITON pump/pistol/hose comprise the basic equipment so that the system can continue to function against the constant adjacent high voltage through the conductive waterborne materials. When the door handle is actuated the system's electricity supply is closed down so that it can be operated without danger.

The internal dimensions of the box permit the use of standard containers. User-friendliness is augmented not only by the easiness of colour changing but also by the integrated voltmeter. Due to the PRO Xs technology no electrical connection is necessary. The TRITON 308 pump, combined with the PO Xs3 WB pistol, are guarantees for high finishing quality. The ergonomic advantages of the pistol are well-known as are the savings in coatings owing to powerful 60 kV voltage.

The electrostatic application of waterborne materials is easy with the WB 100™.