L&S powder booth LSP 4500 – compact and flexible

Optiflex B

For the use of original powder boxes for quick and easy color changes


OptiFlex F

With 50-liter powder container for constant use of bigger powder quantities

OptiFlex S

With unique stirrer for gentle processing of most difficult powders

OptiFlex C

The self fluidizing application cup with 500ml volume enables a perfect processing for 50-250gr, 3.5-14oz of powder. The integrated injector works perfectly with all different coating powders and the coating result can easily be reproduced. The application cup was designed for easy handling and fast color change. This unit is a perfect solution for single-part coating as well as for powder manufacturers. The application cup can also be readapte to already existing powder coating units. The OptiFlex C is a compact solution mounted on a heavy duty tabletop stand, which is a perfect solution for working on a workbench.

OptiFlex L

The perfect solution for laboratory powder coating applications is the OptiFlex L (Lab unit). Designed for short runs and featuring a 4L (2 kg, 4 pounds) fluidizing powder hopper. This unit is easily and fast cleaned between color changes.

OptiFlex W

The OptiFlex W is the most flexible solution for an existing powder coating booth. Perfect for permanent installations where a cart is not required. The mounting bracket can be re-adapted to almost any style of booth.


The ergonomic manual gun for fatique-free and efficient coating


Simple, self-explaining, with the capacity to store individual settings

Competent skilled advice from specially trained personnel!