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In the following pictures robot-application-systems including color-supply and 2-k-system can be seen. They were all realized in 2006 by L&S Oberflächentechnik.

Adding Colour with the PX Painting Robots!

These new painting robots (6-axes) have been developed to offer the European market a reliable, high-quality and affordable solution for a broad range of applications. The six types of the PX series are suitable for a wide variety of different components, from small parts to car bodyshells.

The Hollow, Three-Roll and Lemma types are the designations for the different wrist variants. These three types can be used to implement any user-defined requirement for the painting process. An integrated shaft for the supply lines and a guide tube in the wrist of the Hollow type variant help to keep the area around the application clean. The wrist and the upper arm are washable. The robots’ compact design makes possible smaller system configurations. This in turn lowers the procurement costs for the painting booth and saves valuable shop floor space.

Does your application require a special installation position (for example ceiling mounting)? The state-of-the-art PX series makes this possible, and also allows innovative system concepts that would have been impossible before.

All robots are programmed using the proven YASNAC XRC robot controller. For the customer that means no conversion or additional training is necessary. The special painting software handles the parameterisation of the individual painting programs. All parameters for the process can be saved and can be called up again as required, depending on the specific application. The conveyer function can be used for path tracking of the parts on an overhead conveyor, conveyor system or skid.

From the PX2850 series onward the complete paint changing and valve units are fastened to the upper arm (U-axis) and the length of the paint lines is reduced considerably. This means significant paint savings during paint changes. But even with other robot types flexible installations can be implemented, for example installation of the valves on the robot arm.

The maximum working range of the PX series starts at 1,457 mm and goes up to 2,900 mm, thus covering all of the desired requirements. The painting robot series can be used in hazardous environments in accordance with the technical regulations for occupational safety according to European and international standards. The robust design and high quality promise high cost-effectiveness while at the same time preserving the environment as much as possible.

Three-Roll type:

Suitable for painting of car bodyshells and the insides of box-shaped objects (such as switchgear cabinets, tanks, etc.)

Lemma type:

Optimised for the efficient application of paint to horizontal and vertical surfaces

Hollow type:

Practical for the implementation of user-defined requirements. The upper arm contains an integrated shaft for the paint supply, and the wrist contains a guide tube

Special features of the PX Series: